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Do you ever wonder why your skin care products seem to fizzle out and only “work” for a month or so?  Here is why . .

Your skin is the largest organ and in constant change due to diet, emotions, weather and lifestyle.  Through these changes brings a need to adjust your skin care routine and formulas, which is where I come in . .

Hi I’m Monika, I am a Holistic Esthetician and Beauty Nutritionist with 22 years experience in organic skin care.  I am here to help find solutions to your skin concerns and customize products that will blend perfectly with You!  Whether you are in need of products adjusted seasonally or a chronic concern, I will walk you through the necessary steps in achieving the skin you have always wanted.

Our Custom Products

Mala means garden in Hawaiian

We grow and resource local organic flowers, fruits and herbs that are then steam distilled (in house) which produce hydrosol distillates and their essential oils.  For more delicate flowers, superfoods and fruits, we solar-infuse these in an organic oil base for 3-6 weeks to ensure their volatile compounds are released.  For even more flower power, we add flower essences into each bottle, which is a process done with nature charged water.

These concoctions create the bases for all of our proprietary blends, which are then ready to be customized for You!  Which also means that every new product can be adjusted to synergistically work with what is going on with you and your skin.  

Our custom products are made fresh to order, a vital key for transmitting each plants highest vibration for optimum potency and effectiveness.  

– Just like eating whole fresh foods- the fresher, the better for you!


Version 2
Oil infusion of fruits, flowers and superfoods



To ensure all of our Skin Care products are kept active and fresh, we only produce in small batches and when in season.  We use ingredients that are earth friendly, top quality and sourced only through sustainable organic (non GMO) growers and sellers.



Meet Grace, our 5L Copper Still.

She may be petite, but she is always consistent in creating wonderful distillates when small batches are needed.



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